Totally Unique Character Flaws

We’ve all been there.  We’ve all suffered through it. We’ve all lost precious hours to stories/books/movies with cardboard characters. The clumsy, yet otherwise perfect woman. The brute who just doesn’t deserve love (for no reason other than he “just doesn’t”). The characters whose flaws are limited to: uncontrollable blushing, or… forgetting their keys, or… carrying … Continue reading Totally Unique Character Flaws

Bog Slog – Jogging my Way Out

Like most writers out there, I’ve experienced some bouts with doubts. The last couple weeks I’ve been slogging about in the mire that is imposter syndrome.  My metaphorical boots were getting so bogged down by the uh, bog, that it was getting harder and harder to lift them for another squishy step in the swamp … Continue reading Bog Slog – Jogging my Way Out

Introvert Batteries: Size Does Matter

My poor extroverted best friend… both her boyfriend and I, the two people closest to her, are undeniably introverted.  Lucky for her, I have a ridiculously huge battery capacity (and no, I am not an awkward, monotone, battery-operated cyborg, for any extroverts who happen to come across this post). You may have heard of the … Continue reading Introvert Batteries: Size Does Matter

Author Idol: Sarah Fine and her Fantastic Fantastical Fiction

Quick post today, but one well worth your time if you need a new author to read!  Enter, Sarah Fine.  Her website indicates she writes “Fantastical fiction for teens and adults”.  "Fantastical" is an excellent way to describe it.  It covers both the "fantasy/imagination" and "fantastic/excellent" definitions of the word.  However, I don’t want to simply … Continue reading Author Idol: Sarah Fine and her Fantastic Fantastical Fiction

Everyone Gets Imposter Syndrome (My Failed Attempts at Reassuring a Rockstar)

Whenever I get discouraged in my writing, that snide, little voice in the back of my head tends to turn to insults which contrast me with JK Rowling.  I’ll never be like her.  I don’t possess that inherent greatness.  On a good day I possess inherent “okayness”.  She obviously has magical powers (she went to … Continue reading Everyone Gets Imposter Syndrome (My Failed Attempts at Reassuring a Rockstar)

New Years Puppet Master

As a writer of Romance I often times find myself day dreaming about human connection (no, not just physically “connecting”… emotionally too!  Sometimes).  Anyway, whether it’s envisioning about my favor Actor du jour, characters in a book, or the hottie at Target who can’t figure out the self-checkout (just kidding, that’s an instant turn off), … Continue reading New Years Puppet Master