Across The Veil

AMULETWelcome to this side of The Veil.  We aren’t sure how it got here, but it appears to be an alternate dimension connected to Earth through a series of poorly-guarded doorways.  This is kind of a problem considering the dark Elven forces inside seem intent on breaking through.

That’s okay.  We have soldiers.  Er, okay, maybe “soldiers” isn’t the best word in the traditional sense.  Warriors?  Wizards? Something like that.

Technology doesn’t work on this side of The Veil, but luckily, MAGIC does.  Upon arrival, each soldier is granted one of three amulets:

  • Red Amulets are for Salamanders – the fire-wielders who make up most of the front line
  • Blue Amulets are for Mages – the object-manipulators and illusion-casters
  • Black Amulets are for Diviners – the modern soothsayers who hold the gift of Sight

Brave volunteers can sign up and leave Earth behind starting at age 20.  What?  Don’t give me that look.  You think sending a bunch of fresh college graduates through a portal to fight mythical creatures might not be the best idea?  They’ll be okay, they have magic.

Oh, you think they’re facing more trouble than just the Elves?  Okay.  You might be right.  When they aren’t busy fighting the Elves, they’re definitely busy fighting temptation instead.  They are in their 20s after all, magic or not.