Caught in a Cat Romance

I just looked over my latest blog posts, and for a romance writer, I haven’t been writing a whole lot about romance. So this week, I bring you the greatest romance of all time:

The romance of my cats.  

Stay tuned, there is a car accident, so you know this romance has a dramatic climax. This is a true story… with some assumptions.

Meet Jones. He’s our handsome panther boy, born out of an illicit affair between our friend’s Savannah cat and his common house mansion cat (that’s a love story all on its own, there was a jail break involved).


Jones has always been affectionate, with humans anyway.

Kim, professional cat spooner.

He loves spooning. Mostly.

Jones, pondering his life choices.

But he never really got along with other cats.

Then came Shativ.

With her glamorous dusty rose coat.

Shativ is a sweetheart from the wrong side of the tracks. She came to us to get a second chance after she was hit by a car and lost a leg (this is not the car accident I referenced earlier).

Figure 1. A ball of cat.

But she doesn’t let it get her down, she can do anything she sets her mind to, like climbing to the top of the 7-foot-tall cat castle.

Her “fashionable” leopard print cat castle.

Plus, she has a great sense of humor about it. Sometimes a great, DARK sense of humor (yes, that’s an axe).

Beware the heartless stare.

Back to the romance.  Their meet-cute looked something like this (cue unhappy cat noises from Shativ):

Jones never quite caught on to the whole “personal space” thing.

But Jones was smitten. He didn’t give up. He even tried to woo her with his laser vision.


His charming smile didn’t work either.


Shativ just couldn’t be with him.  He was a rich boy from an actual mansion.  She was a teen mom (seriously, kittens having kittens) before she came to us. He’d never understand her, not after everything she’d been through.  He just wasn’t hard enough. Unlike Shativ.

Shativ represents.

At least we assume that’s the conversation that happened.

Because then Jones, in what we can only conclude was meant to be a grand gesture of his love for Shativ, threw himself in front of a car.

Jones, asking us to sign his cast.

After multiple surgeries and a long recovery…

Jones, showing off his shaved leg, trying out for a Venus razor commercial.

Shativ finally opened her heart (pictured here, a romantic date down by the fire).


They are indoor kitties now after the accident, but we make sure they still get plenty of long, romantic walks.


And they lived happily ever after.


Well, except for when Kim ruins their dates, much to Shativ’s disappointment.


But Jones doesn’t seem to mind.


Shativ and Jones are featured on my Instagram @alixsharpewrites along with other romantic, magical, and/or shiny things.

As a side note to the cat romance, the bond between Kim and Jones inspired me so much that I gave Jones a minor role in my Contemporary Fantasy Romance novella, Divine Illusions.  While no human pair could ever hope to capture the same kind of perfect magic that Shativ and Jones share, I like to think spell-casting soldiers Keira Clearwater and Hale Draven come in at a close second ;).

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