Silenters- the early work.

As a (horribly lonely) child I made up a lot of stories.  I recently found one of them at the bottom of my mom’s closet.  As I read back over this bizarre universe I created, I knew I had to share.  The story is filled with cats with wings, naturally.  Oh, and their political struggles, arranged marriages, cloning machines, and what-have-you.  Please don’t judge me by the disturbing last page, I was creeped out myself re-reading it as an adult.

Based on the drawings, vocabulary, and (lack of) spelling, I place the creation of this “masterpiece” around 4th-5th grade.  I think my favorite line is: “She slapped him across the face and yelled, ‘Do not be so cheap!  I saw you sell your brother’s friend!’ … [his] allowance was taken away by his mother Queen Fuzula.”

Sorry the first page is a crappy scan.

I give you: SILENTERS.


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