Sepia is still classy, right?

Hello my name is Alix Sharpe, or at least that’s the identity I’ll give you, as my actual surname is dreadfully long. (Seriously, the letter “A” appears 8 times in my full name.  I can’t even fit the entire thing on those scantrons they use for standardized testing. But I digress…)

I didn’t have friends until the 4th grade. I much preferred spending recess in silence where I could hear the stories unfolding in my head. I’ve even posted one of my earliest works here for the particularly bold.

Fast forward a few decades. I made some friends. But the stories, they never stopped (the only difference is, now there’s usually some hunky dude involved instead of murderous flying cats). So I decided to write the stories down in the hopes that one day I could share my imaginary friends with my real friends, and the rest of the world (well, the portion of the world who wants to read about magic, elves, and dreamy wizards… which means just about everybody. Right? Right).

If you so desire, you can check out what I’m working on here.

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